Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Four Types of Healthcare in America

I was listening to NPR's Fresh Air with guest journalist T.R. Reid who wrote the book The Healing of America.

He traveled the world to study the different kind of health care available. He found 4 different kinds of health care implementation. He found all four different kinds in the US:

If you are a Native American or a Veteran- you receive the British system of health care. You never receive a bill and the government picks up the tab.

If you are an employed person sharing your insurance premium with your employer- you receive the German system of health care.

If you are a senior and receive Medicare to see your private doctor- you receive the Canadian system of health care.

If you can't get coverage or can't afford it- you receive the 3rd world country system of health care.

Another interesting fact... America spends 18-20% of health care premiums on administrative costs. France spends 4%. Germany spends 5%.