Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cool Resources

I use so many programs and applications on a daily basis that sometimes it makes it hard to remember shortcuts and tricks. That is whay I compiles a list of resources to make my life easier.

Photoshop Tutorials

I use photoshop, I am not a master of photoshop. Sometimes, I need some reminding on how to ________________. Smashing Magazine developed a great list of where to go to recieve instruction on how to do cool things like:

skin retouching

glamour shots retouching

Faking HDR

movie effects

flaming hair...

Get the complete list here

Short Cuts and Cheat Sheets

Making life more efficient is my mantra... Webresourcedepot must have heard me chant... A list of hot keys for Adobe CS (just about every version), Quark, and Gimp.

It is also a great resource of cheats for:

photoshop black and white cheat sheet

photoshop brush tool cheat sheet

lasso tool cheat sheet

pen tool cheat sheet

3D Effects

Looking for a good way to kill a Saturday? Look no more, check out Smashing Apps list of 43 really useful photoshop tutorials for 3D effects.